sábado, 27 de março de 2010

R.E.M. - Fall On Me

Há cerca de um mês consegui finalmente encontrar o Lifes Rich Pageant dos R.E.M., que já procurava há algum tempo. O álbum tem estado no minha aparelhagem desde então e tenho que confessar que nunca pensei que fosse gostar tanto. Não supera a obra-prima que é o Automatic For The People, mas é sem dúvida o melhor da era I.R.S. (que foi a editora deles antes da Warner Bros.).

Fall On Me é fabulosa:

quinta-feira, 25 de março de 2010

Devil In Me - Live Fast Die Young

Que faixa,meus senhores,que faixa.Este quinteto tuga prepara-se para lançar um novo álbum ainda este ano.Cautela com eles.

quarta-feira, 24 de março de 2010

À uma da manhã

"Alone, at last! Not a sound to be heard but the rumbling of some belated and decrepit cabs. For a few hours we shall have silence, if not repose. At last the tyranny of the human face has disappeared, and I myself shall be the
only cause of my sufferings.
At last, then, I am allowed to refresh myself in a bath of darkness! First of all, a double turn of the lock. It seems to me that this twist of the key will increase my solitude and fortify the barricades which at this instant separate me from the world.

Horrible life! Horrible town! Let us recapitulate the day: seen several men of letters, one of whom asked me whether one could go to Russia by a land route (no doubt he took Russia to be an island); disputed generously with the editor of a review, who, to each of my objections, replied: 'We represent the cause of decent people,' which implies that all the other newspapers are edited by scoundrels; greeted some twenty persons, with fifteen of whom I am not acquainted; distributed handshakes in the same proportion, and this without having taken the precaution of
buying gloves; to kill time, during a shower, went to see an acrobat, who asked me to design for her the costume of a Venustra; paid court to the director of a theatre, who, while dismissing me, said to me: 'Perhaps you would do well to apply to Z------; he is the clumsiest, the stupidest and the most celebrated of my authors; together with him, perhaps, you would get somewhere. Go to see him, and after that we'll see;' boasted (why?) of several vile actions which I have never committed, and faint-heartedly denied some other misdeeds which I accomplished with joy, an error of
bravado, an offence against human respect; refused a friend an easy service, and gave a written recommendation to a perfect clown; oh, isn't that enough?

Discontented with everyone and discontented with myself, I would gladly redeem myself and elate myself a little in the silence and solitude of night. Souls of those I have loved, souls of those I have sung, strengthen me, support me, rid me of lies and the corrupting vapours of the world; and you, O Lord God, grant me the grace to
produce a few good verses, which shall prove to myself that I am not the lowest of men, that I am not inferior to those whom I despise."

Charles Baudelaire - O Spleen de Paris

segunda-feira, 22 de março de 2010


"Uma saudade tão grande,tão sem fim.Se o peito de Iona rebentasse e aquela saudade se derramasse, inundaria o mundo,contudo ninguém a vê."

Tchekov - Contos

domingo, 21 de março de 2010

Electrónica e ... electrónica

Nunca gostei de confundir música electrónica com dance music , mas existem bandas como 65daysofstatic que gostam de me baralhar. Parte post-rock, parte rock matemático , parte electro, parte dance. De qualquer maneira, regressam em grande com esta "Weak4"

quinta-feira, 18 de março de 2010

segunda-feira, 15 de março de 2010

Russian Circles - Music Box

"São comunistas?Ou russos?"
"Não...são americanos..."

Que show,meus senhores...que show.

sexta-feira, 12 de março de 2010

quarta-feira, 10 de março de 2010

Neve no Cais do Sodré


"No lugar do músculo,um buraco de sangue"